The best way to contact me is by e-mail: (PGP 88D5 1A37 C237 5083 EA05 EA15 A1B4 C5BD 7FBF 03B3)

I also use Signal and sometimes XMPP, but please for that contact information by e-mail.


Las siguientes palabras son usadas íntegramente sin autorización.

"Guido is a rockstar of combatant photography. His images inspire people around the world." - J. (Filmmaker)

"guido always gives me the best riot porn" - Hep (Photographer)

"antitezo's images of protests in Chile give me hope for the world's children. SOMEONE FUCKING CARES ABOUT GRASSROOTS POLITICS! THANK GOD. Amazing stuff. Keep it up." - GC Records (Record Label)

"i’m in love with photos by antitezo" - Мария Шутер (Photographer) "porn and rabbits are everything in the world for antitezo" - Opk (Illustrator) 

"people say I shoot a range of stuff, but YOU sir... from molotov cocktails to this!?!" - Will Sterns (Photographer) 

"¿Voh soy güeón o qué?" - Carabinero de FF.EE. (al pedirle un comentario para un libro) 

 "I am proud to say that I made Guido watch Ichi The Killer." - Chrrrles (Hacker) 

 "When faced with poverty, social inequities, and racial conflicts, the photographer becomes a communicator who can decide what an audience sees and how it is construed. Antitezo shares with us their views of Chile. The power of his photography is in the realization that life (and our photography) is political. What we portray can make a difference." - Dawn M. Armfield (Academic at University of Minnesota) 

"Para no ser fotógrafo tomas muy buenas fotos." - Jorge Uzon (Fotógrafo) 

 "guidoの写真、めちゃくちゃ良い。チリのデモや政治活動をその只中で撮っている。本人は写真家のつもりがなく、活動している中で記録として撮っていたところを 激しい写真、スタイリッシュな写真、スクワットした建物の中で、覆面をしたままの活動家たちが少数部族のやり方でお葬式をしている写真、すごく至近距離で仲間たちの横顔を捉えた、(たぶんデモ中なのに)何故か柔らかい印象の写真もあった。写真は不思議だ" Y. (Film Maker/Photographer)